The Undertaker most recently appeared inside a ring at The Greatest Royal Rumble, and he also defeated John Cena within three minutes at Wrestlemania last month. When asked if Undertaker will be wrestling again, Angle replied positively. ‘I think he will. He looks great. He’s an amazing athlete,’ said Angle.

So far, so good then. But what about Dean Ambrose, who has not been seen in WWE this year following an arm injury. ‘LISTEN EVERYONE. Dean is healing nicely. He will be back soon!!!!!,’ said Angle with plenty of enthusiasm. ‘I get this question every week. I know how popular he is but asking me when he will return will not make him return any sooner than he can. He will be back soon. Promise.’ Angle was then given the chance to predict the winner of Money In The Bank later this month, and his answer may surprise some people. ‘Honestly? He’s a long shot. But Kevin Owens,’ predicted Angle. ‘He seems to always find a way to shine.’

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Angle answered whether he still lives by the three I’s of Integrity, Intelligence and Integrity. ‘Yes I do!,’ remarked Angle. ‘My most important now? Intelligence. I make better choices now than I ever did. Using my brain.’