Daniel Bryan’s current contract with WWE will be ending by this September. There is uncertainty that Bryan would resign or not  & that the reason WWE Creative is tentative about Daniel Bryan’s storylines.

Wrestling Standard is quoted that Daniel Bryan has wrestled AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, and more recently, has reunited with Kane – his former tag-team partner in ‘Team Hell No’ – as WWE is viewing Bryan’s run as a ‘farewell tour’. The matches just listed would have been his feuds moving forward towards the end of the year, however, because the company still don’t know if he will sign, they want to make the most out of having him under contract.

According to our sources, the current plan for Extreme Rules is for The Miz to prevent ‘Team Hell No’ from becoming SmackDown Tag-Team Champions, leading to a match between the two – Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz – at SummerSlam. In which, The Miz is expected to be victorious. Additionally, there have been loose talks of Bryan defeating The Miz at SummerSlam, if Bryan was to sign a contract extension, and carrying on their feud with a final match at Hell In A Cell.

Wrestling Standard understands that Bryan has recently hired the same agency as John Cena, who deal with his contract negotiations. Which, according to our sources, is one of the main reasons Bryan is still yet to sign; the ‘Yes Man’ want’s the best deal possible.