WWE News: What did Vince McMahan say when Roman Reigns told about leukemia?

Vince McMahon blast on Roman Reigns or he gave advise to Reigns?? Recently he reveals the major backstage update.


At one point, Roman Reigns was the universal champion as he defeated Brock Lesnar but later after that, it was revealed by Reigns that he suffers a Leukemia disease. Because of the disease, Reigns said he is going to relinquish the universal title as Leukemia disease came back after 11 long years.

In that time WWE had many plans around the Roman Reigns but Leukemia force WWE to change the plans. So it was a big drop back for WWE, but do you ever wonder What did Vince McMahan say when Roman Rena told about leukemia?

Recently Roman Reigns spoke to Sports Illustrated and reveals some backstage updates as what was Vince McMahon told him.

He said: “Now that I’m back, I’m enjoying every moment. “That goes back to what Vince McMahon told me. “Vince said to me, ‘Be present’. “He said, ‘Be there with your family and friends and absorb everything you can. Maximize all that you can.’ “After these past few months, I just want to be a part of the process. “And it’s great to see the women trailblaze and break new ground.”

Now few months backs Reigns returns to WWE. He was victorious at WrestleMania 35 as he defeated Drew McIntyre. Following WrestleMania 35, WWE drafted Reigns to SmackDown Live. Now, He is feuding with Shane McMahon and Elias.

Currently, Reigns is scheduled to face Elias at the Money in the bank 2019 pay-per-view.

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